You Can Use Self-Hypnosis and Visualization to Stop Smoking


People have been trying to quit smoking for many decades. Since the Surgeon General condemned smoking and cigarette ads were removed from TV interest in quitting smoking has increased every year. Alan Landers and David McLean, the iconic faces for Winston Cigarette commercials, both died of lung cancer. Smoking is not sexy anymore. A variety of methods have been created to stop smoking, everything from the patch to drugs like Wellbutrin to behavior mod devices and yet most people using these methods fail to quit.

If people seeking to quit are fortunate, perhaps they will learn about self-hypnosis sooner rather than later in their quest. Self-hypnosis is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to quit. Relaxation is how it begins, your conscious mind and body are relaxed to get them out of the way so that you can talk to your subconscious and gain its cooperation. Then you need some basic information about scripting your session, key phrases to help you stop smoking.  winston cigarettes types Finally you may add in visualization where you will observe yourself being smoke free.

When you learn to see yourself with your stopping goal already accomplished is when things begin to really fall into place for you. Visualization has many benefits when used with hypnosis and when used in your life. By mentally imaging that you are performing an activity, you are more able to effortlessly perform the real thing. When first working with visualization in self-hypnosis, many people find they can create images of themselves as if they are watching themselves on television. This technique is an effective tool in the path to helping you end smoking because you are imagining how you would like to be smoke-free. Learning to imagine and making visions will actually ensure that you succeed in your quit smoking goal.

When first learning to visualize you should to become sure that you are going to quit. You can use your natural creativity and imagination to think of images and ideas that appeal to you emotionally. Emotions tied in with your vision are the key to accomplishment because the more emotionally charged a hypnotic suggestion, the more probable you will respond quickly to it. Use words that grab you and engage you in the vision, words like: “vibrant”, “sparkling”, “thrilling”, “wonderful”, “powerful”, “radiant”, “loving”, “generous”, “exciting”, “delightful”, and “beautiful.” The more vivid and dramatic the image is, the more useful it will be since visualizations are suggestions. First, imagine the tobacco smoke. Imagine how bad it looks, smells, and tastes. Associate how bad it is with the smoke so that it repels you. Some of the common nonconstructive and negative things that are used as association to cigarette smoke is garbage or a smelly shoe.

Self-hypnosis and emotionally charged visualization are a powerful pair when used together to help you stop smoking. Your imagination tied in with making changes is powerful and effective as you see yourself having already achieved your goal. Remember that there is no difference to you between something that is real and something imagined and so carrying out the imagination will convince you that your goal has been achieved so that you can actually reach it much faster.

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